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Origin of the name : The name ‘Karnataka’ has been in use from ancient times. This land used to be called ‘Karunadu’ (kar+nadu = land of black soil). The word ‘Karunať to refers to Karnataka in the ancient Tamil works ‘Shilappadikaram’. Karunat means the las which is on a elevated plateau. It has been mentioned in Nrupatunga’s grammatical work Kavirajamarga that Karnataka extended from the Cauvery river upto the Godavari river. After Independence, India was divided into many states. In 1953, nine southern districts which were till then under the rule of the Mysore kings, were brought together to form the Mysore State’. Later, when the States were reorganized on linguistic basis, areas with Kannada- speaking people in Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras and Kodagu provinces were brought together. Thus, on 1st November 1956, the’ Vishal Mysore State’ came into being. It is in fond commemoration of this event that Rajyotsava is celebrated every year on 1st November In 1973, in response to the wishes of Kannadigas, as Karnataka renamed.


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