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Chapter Wise Text book – DOWNLOAD HERE


Prepared by Dr Hazrat Bilal.M.Inamdar

Model Paper 1

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Passing Package (1st Lang Urdu) NEW – Prepared by Dr Hazrath Bilal M Inamdar CLICK HERE

Passing Package (1st Lang Urdu) – Prepared by Dr Hazrath Bilal M Inamdar CLICK HERE

LEARNING CARDS (KSEEB) 1st Language Urdu


1st Language URDU Notes – DOWNLOAD HERE


New textbooks are designed by Karnataka state according to the NCF – 2005 since June 2010, the objective behind it is connecting knowledge to life activities, improve the curriculum beyond textbooks, making education relevant to the present and future needs, make learning joyful, The Urdu Text books is based on Constructive, Spiral and Integrated Approach,

The term Urdu literally means ‘camp’. Amir Khusrau was the first person to use  the language for literary purpose. The first literary work in Urdu is said to have been written by Bidar poet Fakhruddin Nizami in 15th Century, Urdu prose was developed slowly and it was Syed Ahmad Khan who set the style the trend, The Urdu language is an Indo-Aryan language that is spoken by over 100 million people around the Globe, which makes it another important language to study. The language is spoken mostly in India and Pakistan, Around 75% of Urdu words and 90% of verbs have roots from Persian and Sanskrit. Hindi and Urdu are closely related to each as  they share similar grammar and phonology but the lexicons of each language were borrowed from different sources. 

1st Language Urdu Text Book Nau Bahar E Adab of SSLC  consist of 20 Units (Prose, Poetry, Supplementary Reading and Grammar), The  fundamental grammar, opportunities for learners to appreciate beauty and imbibe universal life values have been added in Urdu language textbooks, these text books are of great importance since SSLC Public Exam is based on these and Question paper will be designed using it

As 1st Language Urdu is being studied majority by Muslim Community and they Speak the same language as Mother tongue, they don’t find much difficulty with the subject and Some of the students had their Primary Education in Urdu Medium

Urdu Question Paper of SSLC consists of Multiple Choice Questions, Very Short Answer type Questions, Short Answer type Questions, Long Answer type Question for 100 Marks and Duration of Exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes , To get Pass the students need to Score minimum 35 Marks out of 10 Marks

In UrduQuestion Paper Multiple Choice Questions are framed on grammar Points, Urdu Question Paper has 1 Letter Writing for 5 Marks (Students are given option to write either Personal or Official Letter), In Get Download Excellent Urdu Resources here like Notes, Passing Packages, Scoring Packages, Model Question Papers and other, start your preparations for the Exam NOW

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