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1st Std to 6th Std SA – 2 Model Papers (Urdu Medium) – Prepared by Study Manzil

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (SA – 2) Model Papers 2020 (With Blue Print)

Prepared by Anju Sakleshpura

1st to 6th Std Summative Assessment (SA 2) All Subjects Model Papers 

4th to 6th Std Summative Assessment (SA – 2) ALL subjects Model Papers (Prepared  by Saligramajam)


  • The continous and gradual change from simple life forms to complex organisms is called Organic evolution
  • The earliest organisms to emerge on earth were Protozoa
  • Lamarck’s theory of evolution is called the theory of use and disuse
  • The first scientist o give the scientific theory on organic evolution was Charles Drawin
  • The famous book written by Charles Darwin is Origin of Species
  • The book origin of species written by Darwin was published in 1859
  • The scientist who propounded the theory of organic evolution by natural selection was Charles Darwin
  • The one of the basis of darwins theory was Struggle for existence
  • The feature of Darwin that the organisms which have favourable variations will succeed and survive is called Survival of fittest
  • The remains of an ancient organism preserved in earth’s crust are known as Fossils
  • The branch of science that deals with the study of fosils is called Paleontology
  • The first bird known to live during the late jurrasic period was Archaeopteryx
  • The organs of different group of organisms having fundamental similarity of structure and postion are called Homologus organs
  • The organs of different groups having different structure and performing similar functions is called Analogus organs
  • The age of earth is estimated to be approximately 5 billion years
  • The age of Invertebrates is called Proterozoic era
  • The age of amphibians and fishes is called Paleozoic era
  • The age of reptiles is called Mesozoic era
  • The mammals belong to the age Coenozoic era
  • The seed bearing plants emerged on the earth during the Mesozoic era
  • The flowering plants emerged on the earth during the Coenozoic era
  • Archaeopteryx is a link between reptiles and birds
  • Darwin’s theory of evolution is best described as Evolution by Natural selection
  • Dinosaurs are ancient reptiles
  • The competition amongst the organisms for resources is called Struggle for existence
  • The Lamarckian theory of evolution was refuted by August Weismann
  • The geographical era in which the first life emerged on earth was Proterozoic era
  • The algae, fungi, protista emerged on the earth during the Mesozoic era
  • The region where we find the remains of the ancient elephant that lived 1000 years ago Siberia
  • The life emerged on earth in the oceans
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