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Amidst COVID 19 Pandemic spreading Everyday, taking into consideration the safety of students Department of Karnataka as per the Unlock 3.0 Guidelines issued by MHA has issued orders declaring Holiday for Schools till 31st August 2020, However the Teachers have not been given Holiday, Department of Education, Karnataka has come up with unique plan named VIDYAGAMA, to ensure that students undergo learning as per Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation untill Physically schools get reopen 


  • Design a plan such that all students come under teaching – learning process
  • Continue students learning even during time of closure of schools
  • Make teachers be in contact with students regularly till schools get reopen
  • Provide learning materials to students through parents
  • Supply mid day meals and Milk to ensure students get nourishment 
  • Inspire, Motivate students through teachers
  • Prevent School dropouts

For all the Following Resources of VIDYAGAM 2020 CLICK HERE

Study Resources Practice Books
Learning Competencies Learning Materials 
DSERT 10th Videos Lesson Plans
Programme of Works Vidyagma Formats
Video Lessons Notes

Programme Guide

  • Create a virtual classroom in Schools consisting of 20 to 25 students with 1 Teachers 
  • Depending on necessity call the students parents to school and provide study materials
  • Maintain all safety procedures 
  • Provide complete guidance to students and parents to ensure students undergo continuous learning 
  • Syllabus Modules to be followed prescribed by DSERT



A Virtual Classroom of Students who don’t have any facilities like Phone, Internet, Computer, Tab in their homes,  The Students grouped under this category should be called by Teachers for Guidance, Should undertake class once a week at Nearest Place maintaining all Safety Measures, Can Nominate Self help group members to teach the students, Home assignments should be given to the students once in a week


A Virtual Classroom of Students who got phone in their homes without internet facility, The Students grouped under this category should be called by Teachers through phone, send voice messages, give them home assignment and get feedback regularly 


A Virtual Classroom of Students who got Phone, Computer, Tab with Internet facility in their homes, The Students grouped under this category the teacher can take online classes used apps like Zoom, google meet, Webx, Give them Home Assignments through PDF, Doc files, Provide them PPT for learning, Send them Video Classes to learn in home and get feedback regularly