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Online training for Teachers regarding INSPIRE Award 2021 – 22 

The Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT), Karnataka is organising State Level training to teachers regarding nominations for the INSPIRE awards 2021 – 22 from 27th September to 1st October 2021

Last date extended to apply for INSPIRE Award 2021

The last date for inviting nominations for INSPIRE Awards – MANAK for the year 2021-22 has been extended till 24th October 2021,

No further extension of date will be granted under any circumstances, for more details and apply online CLICK HERE

Instructions to Teachers regarding INSPIRE Award 2021 – 22 released

The Department of Education, Karnataka has released the instructions to teachers regarding nominations for the INSPIRE awards 2021 – 22, for complete details CLICK HERE

Last date extended to upload details of students selected for INSPIRE Award 2020 – 21

The Department of Educational Research and Training (DSERT), Karnataka has extended the last date to upload the details of the students selected for the Inspire award 2020 – 21 for DLEPC Competition, for more details CLICK HERE


INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) Awards – MANAK (Million Minds Augmenting National Aspirations and Knowledge) is a National scheme being implemented by DST along with National Innovation Foundation, India (NIF) that aims to motivate students studying in class 6 to 10,

To foster a culture of creativity and innovative thinking among school children is the main objective of the Scheme and it aims target one million original ideas/innovations rooted in science and societal applications, Under this scheme, schools can nominate 5 best original ideas/innovations of students till 15th October 2021

All the Schools across the country can register under INSPIRE award – MANAK scheme, (whether run by Central Government or State Government or local body or NGOs), including private schools (aided or unaided), having classes from 6th to 10th (Primary, Upper Primary and High schools), are all eligible to enroll in the scheme and submit the nominations online of eligible students to DST through their respective District / State education authorities




The scheme was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 13th December 2008 and was implemented in 2009-10, The Scheme is managed by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, Scheme covers students in the age group of 10-32 years in five different components.



For a new registration, the schools (Primary, Upper Primary, High School) have to do a New registration process by following the step by step procedure and have to obtain a permanent Registration  / Application Number from their respective district authority.

Before filling for the registration, the school must have the valid email id created. It is advisable to use the school email id which can be used, even if the authority changes (NOTE : If the name of your school is not available in the list, then choose Others option from the dropdown), Get Fill the details and follow the steps in the User Manual

User Manual CLICK HERE


If already registered then the Schools can directly proceed with the login option. If the school have forgotten or lost Inspire Award School LOGIN ID, Password, Application ID and registered email id,

Fill the details asked, After getting Application number and registered email please click on School Authority in Authorised Login section.

Check ID & Password CLICK HERE
User Manual CLICK HERE

To retrieve password please click on forgot password section and fill the Application and Captcha, Once you reset the password, you will receive User Id and Password link to generate new password on your registered email id. If the Mail not been got in inbox then check the spam folder of the Valid School email

For Resubmission of OTR/Submission of saved file, If request for OTR rejected/returned by DA ,and wishes to resubmit request after rectification of defects, then CLICK HERE 

Check Application Number CLICK HERE


Check INSPIRE Award money Status 

To Check the INSPIRE Award Money Status CLICK HERE and follow the step by step guide given in the user manual, 

User Manual CLICK HERE

Check project nominated 

To know the students ideas/innovations nominated by school in EMIAS Portal CLICK HERE and follow the steps given in the User Manual, 

User Manual CLICK HERE

Implementing U-DISE code of already registered School 

To enter the U-DISE code of already registered school in the E-MIAS portal CLICK HERE and follow the steps given in the User Manual, 

User Manual CLICK HERE

Download the awardee students certificate

To download the certificate of INSPIRE Award selected student from the E-MIAS Portal CLICK HERE and follow the steps given in the User Manual,

User Manual CLICK HERE

Update the Bank detail of student 

In case of PFMS Unsuccessful by the school in EMIAS Portal, To Know the students payment status in PFMS CLICK HERE and to check If there is any discrepancy in the bank details of the student which resulted in PFMS failure or rejection CLICK HERE,

The details of the students with PFMS rejection will be displayed here in EMIAS automatically, to make corrections follow the steps given in the user manual, 

User Manual CLICK HERE

Under INSPIRE Awards-MANAK scheme each school can nominate a maximum of five ideas/innovations of the students based on the degree of novelty, social applicability, environmental implications, potential impact, scope for diffusion through commercial and/or non-commercial channels,


Whereas the Project submissions will not be encouraged that are based on the common ideas/concepts from textbooks & other resources, which includes the projects on the topics of Energy generator, waste batteries, dung, transport, wave, generation of electricity through turbines

Vermi compost, Drip irrigation, earthquake, soil erosion, Water level indicator, Alarms-burglar alarms, Vermi wash, earth movement, General methods of water filtration, self-watering system for plants.,  Letter box alarm, Conversion of wind energy, solar energy to electricity, Hydraulic lift, , gas alarms, fire alarms etc,  Automatic on/off of street light, smart city, vacuum cleaner, RFID and sensor based readymade projects.,, Rain water harvesting,

eco system, Demonstration of volcanic eruption, Food adulteration, Carbon cycle, water cycle, food chain,, photosynthesis, zoo model, kitchen garden., Model on human body parts, Solar system, planet, Essay on topics,  ,


To organize idea competitions, the Techers of the Schools (Especially the Nodal Teachers for Inspire Award) may assemble them in a group and ask the students to think about An idea of a machine or a gadget, which is not available but the students desire to have such a machine or a gadget for the usage

The Teacher can ask students to give an idea of improvement in any existing/available machine or gadget, so that it the Machine, Gadget becomes multifunctional, efficient, reduces drudgery and other benefits to them

The Teacher can ask students to come up with an idea or an innovation that can solve a local technological problem, which a student may come across everyday in their locality

Guidelines  CLICK HERE


The purpose of including Title and Project Synopsis in the nomination form is to get sufficient idea about the project being submitted hence proper care has to be taken while filling these details, For the title of the project, a suitable title describing the project should be given,

In the project synopsis, the following points need to be included – what is the project about, what problem it addresses, and what the advantage is (NOTE : Filling the nomination form correctly helps in proper evaluation online)