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Prepared by Zohra Masoom Khan, GGJC, Shahpur & Mohammed Azam Digital arts Urdu Teachers Group

3rd Language English 

Prepared by Zohra Masoom Khan, GGJC, Shahpur




RESOURCES Prepared by M M Mandewal, Anjuman High School, Talikoti

KNOWLEDGE HUB – Information You Should KNOW
  • For effective lasing action to take place the number of atoms in excited state should be higher than in ground state.
  • The photons in laser light will have identical frequency
  • We can distinguish between real gems and artificial gems by using UV radiations.
  • The photoelectric cell is used to reproduce the sound in cinematography.
  • Bloodless surgery can be performed by using Laser light.
  • For lasing action we can use stimulated emission only.
  • Photoelectric effect establishes the particle nature of light.
  • The electromagnetic waves used in locating fracture of bones is X rays
  • Ultraviolet waves are used in the treatment of Rickets.
  • The rays that is most suitable for long distance photography is Infrared rays.
  • The rays that are used to stimulate blood circulation are Infrared rays.
  • The radiation detected on account of its heating effect is Infrared rays.
  • The electromagnetic radiations discovered on account of its photographic action are Ultraviolet rays.
  • Light is made up of tiny packets these packets are called Photons
  • The rays that are used to examine old paintings are Infrared rays.
  • The rays that are used, as efficient sterilizers are Ultraviolet rays.

RESOURCES Prepared by Shaheen Badar

RESOURCES Prepared by TEM Urdu Science Group

RESOURCES Prepared by Fathima Suhaib, GUHS, Sirsi