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Darwin’s theory of evolution is best described as Evolution by Natural selection, Dinosaurs are ancient reptiles, The competition amongst the organisms for resources is called Struggle for existence, The Lamarckian theory of evolution was refuted by August Weismann, The geographical era in which the first life emerged on earth was Proterozoic era, The algae, fungi, protista emerged on the earth during the Mesozoic era, The region where we find the remains of the ancient elephant that lived 1000 years ago Siberia,

The life emerged on earth in the oceans, The technique of effecting the suitable changes in the genetic material is called Genetic Engineering, A population of identical genes, cells or organisms derived from same the same parent by an asexual process is called Clone, The process of producing genetically similar genes, cells or organisms from a common precursor is known as Cloning,

The hereditary determinant of an organism is Gene, The technology used to manipulate genes in the laboratory is called recombinant DNA technology, The technique of biotechnology used to identify the genetic relationship is called DNA finger print technology, The cloning of first animal was done by Wilmut, The first cloning was done in the year 1997, The first cloned sheep is Dolly, The application of biological process is called Biotechnology, The scientist who gave the correct explanation of lactic acid fermentation was Louis Pasteur,

The person who invented the technique of fermentation of alcohol by yeast was Edward Bubner, The term biotechnology was first used in Britain, The cultivation of mushrooms was first introduced in France, A technique of producing yeast on a large scale for bakery was developed in 1915 by Germans, DNA finger print of two individuals are always different

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