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Meridian : A line of longitude.

Mesa : A large flat-topped but steep-sided landform; they shrink to become buttes.

Meteorology : The scientific study of the atmosphere.

Monsoon : A wind system in Southeast Asia which changes direction seasonally, creating wet and dry seasons.

Morphology : The shape of a state or nation.

Pangaea : A huge landmass consisting of almost all the continental land on the earth which then divided and slowly became the continents we know today.

Permafrost : Permanently frozen water in soil.

Physical geography : The branch of geography dealing with the natural features of the earth.

Plate tectonics : The surface of the earth is composed of many large plates which slowly move around the planet, meeting and diverging, creating a variety of earthquakes, volcanoes, and mountains at their margins.

Precipitation : Any form of water that falls from the atmosphere to the surface of the earth (e.g. rain, snow, sleet, and hail).

Primate city : A city which is greater than two times the next largest city in a nation (or contains over one-third of a nation’s population). Usually very expressive of the national culture and often the capital city.

Prime meridian : Zero degrees longitude. Also known as the Greenwich meridian because it was established at the Greenwich observatory near London.

Region : An area which is marked common characteristics


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