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The temperature of the region of sunspots is about 4000K, A display of streams of colored light seen in night sky in the polar regions of earth is called Aurora, The source of energy of the sun are Thermonuclear reactions, 1 light year is equal to 1016m, 1 parsec is equal to 26 light years, Stars differ in color due to difference in their temperature, The scale used to express the brightness of stars is Magnitude scale, The magnitude of sun is -27, The magnitude of the moon is -13, The magnitude of the star Sirius is -1.4,

The magnitude of the star Vega is 0, The magnitude difference of 1 is equal to the ratio of 5, The magnitude difference of 2 is equal to the ratio25, The magnitude difference of 3 is equal to the ratio 6, The magnitude difference of 4 is equal to the ratio 40, The magnitude difference of 5 is equal to the ratio 100, The value of luminosity of star depends upon the temperature and diameter of star, The luminosity of star Sirius is 5Lo, The size of stars are determined from their luminosity and temperature,

The galaxy next to the Milky way galaxy is Andromeda, The shape of the galaxy Andromeda is Spiral, The number of galaxies estimated to be present in the universe are 1011 million, The distance of farthest galaxy visible through a telescope is about 3 x 109 light years, The process involved in entire life cycle of a star from its birth to death is called Stellar evolution, Massive collection of gaseous matter which contracting under influence of its gravity Protostar, The value of Chandrasekhar’s mass limit is 4Mo,

The matter in the protostar is made up of Hydrogen, Shell of glowing gaseous matter surrounding evolved star from which it ejected Planetary Nebula, A star in the constellation Orion is Betelgeuse, A helium star that is extremely dense, small and bright is called White dwarf, The nuclear fuel in a White dwarf is Helium, The nuclear fuel in a main sequence star is Hydrogen, The spectacular explosion of the outer shell of a massive star that occurs at the end of the red giant phase is called Supernova, A spinning neutron star that emits radio waves is called Pulsar


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