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To help students learn content by with ease we are providing the Links of Videos in following Categories

  1. General Knowledge

  2. Current affairs

  3. Indian History

  4. Indian Geography

  5. Indian Polity

  6. Indian Economy

  7. Sports

  8. General Science

  9. Indian National Movement

  10. General Mental Ability

  11. Quantitative Aptitude

  12. Exam Preparation Strategies

  13. Computer

UPSC Guru all videosWATCH HERE
UPSC Lectures by Dr Roman SainiWATCH HERE
History of IndiaWATCH HERE
Kings and Dynasties of IndiaWATCH HERE
UPSC - Indian Polity (17 Videos)WATCH HERE
UPSC - IAS History Lecture from Ancient to Modern by Anuj Garg CoachingWATCH HERE
UPSC Lecture - Modern Indian HistoryWATCH HERE
Crash Course of Modern HistoryWATCH HERE
Indus valley civilization to Mouryan EmpireWATCH HERE
Medieval Indian HistoryWATCH HERE
History of Indian WarsWATCH HERE
General Studies - 35 Videos by Make my ExamWATCH HERE
Ancient Indian History: MCQs based on Class 9 to 12 NCERTWATCH HERE
Ancient History of India for UPSC/IAS Preparation - NCERT Class 6 and 12WATCH HERE
Static GK 38 VideosWATCH HERE
NCERT Series - History (42 Videos)WATCH HERE
NCERT Series - Geography (45 Videos)WATCH HERE
NCERT Series - Political Science (33 Videos)WATCH HERE
NCERT Series - Indian EconomyWATCH HERE
NCERT Series - Science / Mathematics (342 Videos)WATCH HERE
Ancient Indian History by Dr Vipin GoyalWATCH HERE
Ancient Indian HistoryWATCH HERE
Modern Indian HistoryWATCH HERE
Indian Economy by UnacademyWATCH HERE
Exam Race 811 VideosWATCH HERE
UPSC - Vision IAS 239 VideosWATCH HERE
Study IQ Education 2700+ Videos for UPSCWATCH HERE
227 UPSC Videos by Mahesh KulkarniWATCH HERE
Wifi Study 1900+ VideosWATCH HERE
Study Smart 590 VideosWATCH HERE
Study Smart Maths 64 VideosWATCH HERE
Study Smart English 25 VideosWATCH HERE
Study Smart English Grammar 14 VideosWATCH HERE
Success Cd Education 956 VideosWATCH HERE
Study Circle 280 VideosWATCH HERE
Sarvarkar IAS 126 VideosWATCH HERE
Study for Civil SErvice 2400+ VideosWATCH HERE
Rau's IAS 67 VideosWATCH HERE
Exam Manthan 229 VideosWATCH HERE
SSC Exam Preparation 900+ VideosWATCH HERE
General Knowledge Q & A (91 Videos)WATCH HERE
Talent Spring 372 VideosWATCH HERE
Mahendra Guru 3000+ VideosWATCH HERE
English Guru 507 VideosWATCH HERE
Maths Guru 494 VideosWATCH HERE
Kannada Knowledge Bank 106 VideosWATCH HERE
Reasoning Guru 449 VideosWATCH HERE
Aada 247 Competitive Exam 3900+ VideosWATCH HERE
Computer Guru 119 VideosWATCH HERE
Quantitative Aptitude for Bank Exams - 244 VideosWATCH HERE
Reasoning for Bank Exams - 354 VideosWATCH HERE
English for Bank Exams - 429 VideosWATCH HERE
Vidya Guru GK 154 VideosWATCH HERE
GK today - 50 VideosWATCH HERE
Race Institute - 427 VideosWATCH HERE
Utkarsh Classes Competitive exam - 320 VideosWATCH HERE
e1 Coaching Centre Competitive Exam 270 VideosWATCH HERE
SSC Pinnacle Coaching Competitive Exam 500+ VideosWATCH HERE
Exam Gurooji Competitive Exam 307 VideosWATCH HERE
Anuj Garg Coaching Competitive Exam VideosWATCH HERE
Vidya Guru Competitive Exam 310 VideosWATCH HERE
Shri Education Competitive Exam 400+ VideosWATCH HERE
Parmanand IAS Academy Competitive Exam 300+ VideosWATCH HERE
Drishti IAS Competitive Exam 300+ VideosWATCH HERE
Target With Alok Competitive Exam 300+ VideosWATCH HERE
Mrunal Patel Competitive Exam 456 videos
Radix Education Competitive Exam 490 VideosWATCH HERE
CGL Aptitude Pathshala Competitive Exam 920 videosWATCH HERE
Adhyanan Compettive Exam 480 videosWATCH HERE
Career Academy Ambala Competitive exam 300+ VideosWATCH HERE
KD Campus Competitive exam 76 videosWATCH HERE
Hit Bulls Eye Competitive Exam 650 VideosWATCH HERE
Meritshine Competitive exam 258 videosWATCH HERE
Online Guruji Competitive Exam 220+ VideosWATCH HERE
Kalyan Sir Competitive Exam 850+ videosWATCH HERE
Competitive Cracker Competitive exam 173 videosWATCH HERE
Bimentor Classes Online Competitive exam 666 videosWATCH HERE
AA Shah Institute Competitive Exam 900+ VideosWATCH HERE
Bankers Point Competitive exam 173 videosWATCH HERE
Synergy Point Competitive Exam 101 VideosWATCH HERE
GK India 100+ videosWATCH HERE
Khan Academy 6800+ videosWATCH HERE
Akash i tutor 263 VideosWATCH HERE
Only IAS 920 VideosWATCH HERE
Mission IAS 800+ VideosWATCH HERE
Insights 400+ videosWATCH HERE
SSC Baba 130 videosWATCH HERE
Chankya IAS Academy 300+ VideosWATCH HERE
Amar Sir Competitive Exam 800+ VideosWATCH HERE
Brainy IAS 896 VideosWATCH HERE
Himalai IAS 89 videosWATCH HERE
Ensemble IAS 296 VideosWATCH HERE
DSL English 142 VideosWATCH HERE
Computer Awareness 79 videosWATCH HERE
Gr8ambitionz Competitive exam 166 videosWATCH HERE
Computer Awareness by Krishna DAS (29 Videos)WATCH HERE
Fools den Competitive exam 29 videosWATCH HERE
Prepup 247 Competitve exam 40+ videosWATCH HERE
Study Capsule Competitive Exam 247 videosWATCH HERE
Harish Academy Competitive Exam 138 videosWATCH HERE
Competitive Keeda 67 videosWATCH HERE
English tutorial for bank exams (429 videos)WATCH HERE
Current Affairs Funda Quantitative Aptitude 1400+ videosWATCH HERE
Competitive exam Library 463 videosWATCH HERE
General Science 39 VideosWATCH HERE
Indian National Movement 13 videosWATCH HERE
Exambin Competitive exam 800+ VideosWATCH HERE
Semicirle Competitive exam 53 videosWATCH HERE
Current affairs 800+ VideosWATCH HERE
Online tayari - Current Affairs (100+ Videos)WATCH HERE
History of India for BeginnersWATCH HERE