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5 Effective Tips to Avoid Sleep while reading

We love sleep especially when we are in our youth days it feels like a perfect romance between you and your bed. Sometimes this love is quite dangerous too, Nearly everyone has days when they feel sleepy.


Follow ‘Early to bed, early to rise’

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. This is absolutely true because if you manage to go to sleep early in night then you will get adequate sleep, waking up to a fresh and energetic day. With a fresh mind you can concentrate on your studies quite well. A fresh mind has a better concentration power to retain an information.


Drink Water in between

Before sitting down to study, keep a bottle of water on your side. Some people even put sliced lemons in the bottle so that they feel more refreshing. Try to get a 2-3 sip after 20-25 minutes. It gives a quick break and helps to refresh and after 45 minutes or so you’ll need a break and try going to the washroom as well. Drinking water in between will also boost up your energy and improves productivity.


Be Positive 

Studying or finishing up your task when not in the mood or tired is really tough. Your body wants to rest, and you just see the bed in front of you. The only thing you need the most is the positivity and persistence to finish the job. Make sure you don’t feel lazy to put your work the next day. Try to watch some inspirational videos on YouTube that will keep you motivated toward your work


Don’t sit Comfortable 

Your sitting position also matters a lot while studying for long hours. Try to seat yourself in a chair with back support and a table in front. It will help you stay active and alert while studying. On the other hand, if you lie on your bed while studying you may get into lazy mode, eventually making you feel sleepy. While sitting on the chair, keep moving your body parts at regular intervals so that you don’t go in dormancy.


Relax and do Simple Exercise 

It often happens that you feel dizzy after all the efforts. This one never fails as it gives a new start. Stand up straight and shake your body in the best way you can or do a normal exercise by touching your feet with your hands. You can even do push-ups for a while to bring back the energy you have lost. This all might not last for much longer but definitely, gives you an additional 25-30 minutes.


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