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Social Science 


To guide and motivate Students facing SSLC Board Exams KSEEB Board Release Subject Wise Blue Prints

But KSEEB has made changes to not release Subject Wise blue Print from 2019 – 20 and Students need to study all Chapters, to help them Plan their studies and Score Excellent Marks the Here few sample Blue Prints are given so that Students can Plan their Preparations, Below average students find difficulty to study all chapters and they may be looking for simplest tricks and concise of the chapters to study and Get Pass easily, These Blue prints guide them to plan their studies and Score easily Passing Marks

Through Blue prints Students come to know which Science Diagrams been listed by KSEEB for Exams and How many marks they cover, which are the theorems in Mathematics they need to prepare, how Question paper is designed, on what basis questions are set in Exam and how evaluation is done, in Social they come to know most likely places they need to Practice for locate on India Map and how marks been divided for Each Chapter



Divide 90 Minutes into 3Rs

  • R – Read       70 Minutes
  • R – Rest        10 Minutes
  • R – Revise   10 Minutes

Tentative Study Timing : Night (9.00 to 10.30pm)

Group Chapters into 3 Categories

  • EASY Chapters
  • AVERAGE Chapters
  • DIFFICULT Chapters


TEXT BOOK is best resource book

Practice Every Worked Example and Exercise Problems

Indicate following Letters on Every Problem after Practice

  • P – Prepared (If you Know to solve)
  • NP – Need Practice (If you Understood but require preparation)
  • NC – Need Clarification (If you got doubt)

Refer AMK – SSLC Tutor (Data Sheets) in which Chapter wise Formulae is given so it make learning easy TO DOWNLOAD – CLICK HERE & JOIN

Don’t try to rote memorize the problems

Learn Method of solving the problems

Practice all Questions given at end of Chapter

Use Reference book to guide you in solving problems (Video Tutorial is best)






1 Day 01 to Day 02 A Hero
2 Day 03 Grandma Climbs a Tree
3 Day 04 Narayanpur Incident 
4 Day 05 to Day 06 There’s a Girl by the Tracks
5 Day 07
Quality of Mercy 
6 Day 08 On Top of the World
7 Day 09 to Day 10 Gentleman of Rio en Medio 
8 Day 12 I am the Land
9 Day 13  Great Martyr Ever Cherished 
10 Day 14 to Day 15 DR B R Ambedkar 
11 Day 16 Song of India 
12 Day 17 Bird of Happiness 
13 Day 18 to Day 25 Grammar 
14 Day 26 to Day 28 Vocabulary 
15 Day 29 to Day 30 The Concert
16 Day 31 Jaaz Poem Two
17 Day 32 to Day 33 The Discovery 
18 Day 34 Ballad of Tempest
19 Day 35 to Day 36 Colours of Silence
20 Day 37 The Blind Boy
21 Day 38 to Day 40 Letter Writing 
22 Day 41 to Day 42 Essay
23 Day 43 to Day 50 Comprehension and Composition 
24 Day 51 to Day 52 Science and Hope of Survivial
25 Day 53 Off to Outer Space tomorrow morning 
26 Day 54 to Day 58 Previous Exam Papers
27 Day 59 to Day 60 KSEEB Model Papers 


The 60 days chapter wise content plan is tentative, according to level of your previous preparations get it modify days so you give more days for chapters which you require to prepare

Don’t Panic, Start Preparing from Today – You can achieve your Goals

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