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Pratiyogita Darpan Extra Issue Series-17 Indian History-Modern Indiaby Pratiyogita DarpanBUY HERE
The Gist of NCERT Indian Historyby Kallinjar PublicationsBUY HERE
Wizard Indian History for GSby WizardBUY HERE
A Brief History of Modern Indiaby Spectrum'sBUY HERE
Civil Services Indian History Exam Bookby T. Prakash Kumar M.A|V.V.K Subburaj|A Complete Book for Civil Services Indian Histroy Exam BookBUY HERE
2600 Selected MCQs on GK - Ancient Indian Historyby Practice GuruBUY HERE
Complete Indian History for IAS Examby Praveen Kumar

This book is meant for Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations, State Civil Services Examinations and other competitive examinations where History is an important area. This book is divided into 4 parts. Part -1. Ancient India, Part -2. South India, Part -3. Medieval India and Part -4. Modern India
Ancient India by V D Mahajan

Ancient Indian history has always been mystical; more so a virtual utopia for historians and researchers. This scholarly text narrates the ancient Indian history from the genesis of civilisations to the early middle ages. it examines the sources, chronology of civilisations and authoritatively details the facts, feats, triumphs and religious crusades of the period. it unveils the rich cultural, religious and social diversity that is uniquely and peculiarly Indian.
Ancient Indiaby R. C. Majumdar

This is a comprehensive, intelligible and interesting portrait of Ancient Indian History and Civilization from a national historical point of view. The work is divided into three broad divisions of the natural course of cultural development in Ancient India: (1) From the prehistoric age to 600 B.C., (2) From 600 B.C. to 300 A.D., (3) From 300 A.D. to 1200 A.D
Ancient and Medieval History & Culture for Civil Services Examinationsby PrepMate

These books are written following a powerful pedagogy and are developed with a scientific approach to help the aspirants prepare well in less time. These books provide a blended learning approach I.E.A mix of print and digital resources that not only equip aspirants with good understanding of fundamental concepts of the subject but also help them stay up-to-date, learn and track their progress for both objective and subjective formats of the examination
India's Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947by Bipan Chandra

India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra is your go to book for an in-depth and detailed overview on Indian independence movement . Indian freedom struggle is one of the most important parts of its history. A lot has been written and said about it, but there still remains a gap. Rarely do we get to hear accounts of the independence from the entire country and not just one region at one place.
History of Medieval India by V D Mahajan

The book provides a comprehensive account of the social, religious and economic conditions and policies from the Sultanate to the Mughal period in early medieval India. it details the account of the three centuries known for its Islamic influence and rule and the presence of formidable dynasties
Indian Art and Cultureby Nitin SinghaniaBUY HERE
Indian History (Old Edition)by Krishna Reddy

This book provides a comprehensive approach to the various aspects of Indian history and will be useful for various competitive examinations and also the state civil service examinations.
History of medieval india & History of Modern India & india"s ancient past three book set by SATISH CHANDRA, R S SHARMA BIPIN CHANDRABUY HERE
A History of Modern Indiaby Ishita Banerjee-Dube

This book provides an interpretive and comprehensive account of the history of India between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, a crucial epoch characterized by colonialism, nationalism and the emergence of the independent Indian Union. It explores significant historiographical debates concerning the period while highlighting important new issues, especially those of gender, ecology, caste, and labour.
Indian History 1800+ MCQsby Kallinjar PublicationsBUY HERE
History for UGC-Net/Slet and Other Competitive Examinations Objective Type Questionsby Atlantic Research Division (Author)BUY HERE
A Textbook of Medieval Indian History (Textus)by Sailendra Nath Sen

A Textbook of Medieval Indian History studies aspects of the political history of medieval India and examines the socio-economic changes, administrative innovations and cultural ferments during this period with special reference to literature, religion and art and architecture. This handsomely illustrated textbook covers Indian history from the eighth to eighteenth century and analyses the development of Indian society and culture that led to the medieval mindset and in doing so locates the historiographical debates surrounding such an analysis.
Modern Indian History by Mohammad Tarique

Based on the prescribed syllabi for the UPSC, this book caters to aspirants of both the UPSC and state civil service examinations. Lucidly written, it provides a definitive account of events andmovements that led to the formation of modern, independentIndia. The emphasis is on providing precise information required for the UPSC and other state civil service examinations.
A History of Medieval Indiaby Chandra Satish

There are great amount of historical moments strung together to bring India where it is today. A slice of these events add up to make this history book by Satish Chandra. The 1000 year period covered in this book details about the sequence of events and the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century.
Modern India: 1885-1947,by Sumit Sarkar

The book is credited as one of the most widely read books on the topic and has changed our understanding of modern Indian history. It is already prescribed in the following 18 Universities in India as principal text.
History of Modern India by Bipan Chandra

History of Modern India is one of the famous books of Bipin Chandra. This book was published by Orient Blackswan in 2009. This book is a journey mapping the path of colonial India in from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century. It traces the timeline of British rule which majorly coincides with the modern Indian history.
Magbook Indian History 2018by Arihant Experts

Magbook Series comprehensively covers the syllabus of General Studies’ portion of the UPSC and State PSC Preliminary Examination in concise and notes format. With unique advantage of both magazines and books it will immensely help the students in Easy Remembrance and Quick Revision.
This Magbook for Indian History is equipped with Chapter wise Practice Questions to Build Your Confidence and skill adaptations.
Indian History For Civil Services Preliminary Objective Type & Study Material by L PrasadBUY HERE
Ancient and Medieval Indiaby Poonam Dalal Dahiya

The book covers the complete syllabus of ancient and medieval history for the Main exam union civil service and has material that is immensely helpful for the Prelims as well. The contents of the book are very relevant as they are developed after thorough analysis of the current syllabus and questions asked in previous years. Moreover, the book also consists of numerous practice questions, chapter wise, making it more user-friendly
Indian Historyby Krishna Reddy (Author)

McGraw Hill Education is proud to present the second edition of Indian History By Krishna Reddy which provides a comprehensive approach to the various aspects of the subject. This book is meant for Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations, State Civil Services Examinations and other competitive examinations where History is an important area. In this new edition lot of care has been taken to present History as per the requirements of the latest trends in the Civil Services as well as State Civil Services examination trends.